Michael Voltaggio Hunts Down No-Shows In OpenTable Video

Restaurants face all sorts of daunting challenges, from competition to rising rents to finding enough cooks to operate their kitchens smoothly. Restaurant-reservations company OpenTable tackles another issue in a new video starring Michael Voltaggio: no-shows. That is, people who make reservations and then ghost on the restaurant. It's why Chicago restaurateur Nick Kokonas created the ticket system Tock, which he's been writing about in a series about the restaurant industry on Medium. And it's come up in our chef video series, Strong Opinions. In the OpenTable video, Voltaggio goes on the hunt for "Bob and Mimi," who've booked a table and then gone missing. It's a humorous approach but a serious topic — and should serve as a reminder to be courteous and cancel that reservation if you're not going to use it. Watch: