Chefs, Gardens, Vegans: This Week In Food Activism

President Donald Trump revamped his executive order for a travel ban this week, and chefs and influential figures in the food industry reacted. Festivals and programs focused on animal welfare and global gardens have also been the subject of recent headlines. Check out this week in food activism:

  • The New York Times reported on how many different chefs are addressing the current political climate in their restaurants. Some do not hide the fact that they support Planned Parenthood, while others question if making their establishment a sanctuary restaurant will alienate Trump supporters.

  • Bandhu Gardens is a program dedicated to providing Bangladeshi women in Detroit the opportunity to sell produce they grow to local markets and restaurants. NPR asked the founder how this seed was planted.
  • Mario Batali made his sentiments about President Trump's updated travel ban known on Instagram.
  • The first Tri-State VegFest announced that it'll be opening its doors to all vegans and the vegan-curious on June 17 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison. The event will highlight environmental issues, animal welfare and more.
  • Roads and Kingdoms will be hosting a series of dinners highlighting cuisines from "banned countries," specifically the countries affected by President Trump's travel ban. March 21 marks the Iranian edition with Yasmin Khan, author of The Saffron Tales. Tickets have sold out. Proceeds will benefit the International Rescue Committee.
  • Susi and I are dealing with the foolish travel ban... celebrating a Hawaiian judge we have not met thru hooch made my a pal @jvanwinkle7

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