How About A Scoop Of Cookie Dough? Hold The Ice Cream.

Let's face it: Nobody gets cookie dough ice cream for the ice cream around the cookie dough. That's why Stew Leonard's, a delightfully enormous group of fresh food stores found around the New York tri-state area, has launched a straight-up scoop of cookie dough in a cone. President and CEO Stew Leonard Jr. knew a good idea when he saw one.

"I was visiting my daughter Ryann in Manhattan, and I opened her fridge and saw a cup of cookie dough," says Leonard. "She told me about this cool store that just sells cookie dough and where there's a line of people waiting all day. Cookie dough is hot! I mentioned it to my sister Beth in the bakery and the next thing you know, we have edible cookie dough at Stew Leonard's!"

Greenwich Village's does in fact sell cups of cookie dough that can be topped with sprinkles and eaten raw or brought home for baking (and passing off as your own). The reason these cookie doughs are edible is due to the use of pasteurized egg and heat-treated flour, so indulge your inner "person who's too lazy to turn on the oven" without worry. If this trend took off — and DŌ has lines down the street, suggesting it might — it could spell doom for ice cream that inconveniences you by needlessly hiding the good stuff within.