It's Clearly Time To Try Viet-Cajun Crawfish In Texas

This week, Houstonia magazine gathered up the 10 best places to try Viet-Cajun crawfish in Houston. Viet-Cajun crawfish? Heck yes! The Bayou City is home to a large population of Vietnamese immigrants. Many became fishermen, as they had been in Vietnam, and others became restaurateurs that now cater to devoted fans of pho, banh mi and noodles. As far as seamless fusion goes, Vietnamese-style crawfish boils were gold simply waiting to be struck.

These crawfish joints utilize traditional ingredients in their boil blends, like star anise, lemongrass, ginger, scallions, basil, lime and bird's eye chilies. Others employ colonial-era twists like French butter and baguettes for soaking up the juice. Many of the restaurants are BYOB if you feel like pairing your fragrant mudbugs with wine, and all offer a "melt your face" level of heat should you hanker for a good face-melting. Really, it's a formula all but guaranteed to delight the Southern shellfish lover. Still not convinced? Feast your eyes on this Instagram video from chef David Chang, who knows his Vietnamese food AND his crawfish.

I cannot get enough of this stuff #immigrantfood

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