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This documentary needs your help to be made. (Photo: acme/Flickr.)

As one can imagine, a documentary about caviar is probably not cheap to produce. That’s where Kickstarters come in.

Caviar Dreams attempts to answer questions about the industry, how these fish eggs came to be so desired and more. Inga Saffron, a caviar historian and reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, is one of the documentary’s subjects. In a clip, Saffron talks about how she bought a kilogram (roughly two pounds) of the stuff every two weeks when living in Moscow.

The Kickstarter page states that the money will go to color correction, sound editing and archival licensing. Pledge $300 or more and you’ll be rewarded with an ounce of sustainably farmed caviar. Pledge $750 or more and one of the filmmakers, Brian Gersten, will spoon-feed you the stuff. The last day to fund is March 3, 2017.