Coffee Site Sprudge Partners With Coffee Shops Nationwide To Raise Donations For ACLU

Starting today and running through Sunday (February 5), coffee shops from sea to shining sea will donate proceeds from the weekend's sales to the American Civil Liberties Union.

For every $500 raised at a participating shop shop, coffee website Sprudge will match that total in donations. The site reported on Tuesday that 26 brands across 125 cafés have pledged to take part. After the post appeared, the list quickly grew to 195 brands and 401 cafés.

Sprudge posted that up until now, the site has steered clear of reporting on politics, but it was inspired to take action after President Trump's executive order to ban travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the U.S., writing:

We'd love to [stick to coffee], but unfortunately the situation in our country has moved beyond political theater. We believe that the current executive order banning refugees from the United States and immigration from 7 majority Muslim nations is illegal, immoral, and fundamentally un-American. Like a hot mug of drip coffee spilled on a crisp white apron, these actions are a dark stain on our national conscience, and as Americans we feel compelled to stand up against them.

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