Spanish Blue Wine Is Actually Illegal Under European Law

Since the Spanish company Gïk launched its blue wine in June 2016, more than 100,000 bottles have been sold in 25 countries. The European Union, however, is not impressed.

According to Forbes, an "anonymous complaint" states that the blue stuff cannot lawfully be lawfully described as wine. E.U. law dictates that there are 17 legal wine products, with no category for blue wine. In other words, the complaint is grouping Gïk along with the likes of "cheese product" Velveeta. Gïk's product is made with both red and white grapes from all over Spain and France and is dyed with natural ingredients.

The company, helmed by a group of 20-somethings, is now required to label bottles with "99 percent wine and 1 percent grape juice."  Forbes reports that the company has drummed up a petition via to create a wine category of its own.

Gik is currently available for preorder in the U.S.