The future is looking up for those of you who want freshly brewed beer in your home without setting up a craft brewing corner of your basement. According to CNN, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Keurig announced that they’re working together on a product that will allow you to brew beer in your home.

CNN reports that the new machine will act as a personal bartender and offer beer, cocktails, spirits and other beverages. There is not yet a prototype of the product, but it’ll use the same technology as the Keurig Kold, the coffee pod company’s cold drink maker that flopped upon its release in 2015.

Production of the Keurig Kold, which retailed for $370, ceased after 10 months. Costumers even received refunds for their purchase.

There is no news as to whether the alcoholic beverages will be brewed using Keurig’s signature pods, though it’s worth noting that some areas in the world are already banning coffee pods.

SodaStream already released a similar product in European markets in May 2016. The SodaStream Beer Bar is reportedly going to be introduced to countries outside of Europe this year.