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Make this elegant French play on bagels with cream cheese and lox and watch them fly right off the platter.

Prepare for the big night with these delightful fancy hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve that are not so fancy you’ll spend the whole night in the kitchen preparing them. Peruse our list of small bites for everyone from the chic, dainty vegetarian to the ravenous carnivore who drank too much. Or the chic, dainty vegetarian who drank too much. Point being: You’re prepared.

Recipe: Salmon Mousse On “Bagel Pastries”

This is my savory take on the French pâtisserie classic. The filling is a smooth smoked salmon mousse with a luxurious addition of salmon roe that sparkles under the crispy lid of the Paris-Brest.

how to make toasted ravioli
If you’ve ever sampled this crunchy delight, you’ll want to know how to make toasted ravioli.

Recipe: Toasted Ravioli

It’s time to learn how to make toasted ravioli, a St. Louis, Missouri, snack you won’t soon forget about, found in restaurants and on dinner plates around the city. Join Mario Batali on a road trip across America as he explores the humble cornerstones that have shaped our collective palate. Most of all, Big American Cookbook features simple staples collected from passionate home cooks. They’re entirely accessible for culinary enthusiasts of all levels, so get to it!

cajun fish and shrimp sliders recipe
Skip the fried patties and whip up a batch of fish and shrimp sliders in your own kitchen.

Recipe: Cajun Fish And Shrimp Sliders

This slider is inspired by my trips to New Orleans. Catfish and shrimp are ground and formed into a patty, seared, and then topped with Cajun rémoulade sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Any white fish will work very well here — try cod or trout if you prefer.

These vibrant canapés take the idea of cheese and crackers and turn it into real party food!

Recipe: Pickled Fig And Ricotta Canapés

I first discovered this flavor combination on a tartine at Cyril’s, the sultry, candlelit wine and cheese bar my friends Sasha and Michael opened in Portland, Oregon. I entered the restaurant sighing with happiness, leaving the gray chilling-my-bones weather at the door, and my eyes turned to saucers when I spotted these gorgeous purple, green and white darlings on the marble bar counter. Upon first bite, my mind was sent aflurry on how I might re-create, modify and enhance this sensual little snack for my own impromptu fetes. Many a good idea has been born at the behest of a cozy space, the company of pals and the perfect bite to eat, right?

Make these pickled vegetable bundles — there’s a tangy little garden in every bite!

Recipe: Slightly Pickled Vegetable Bundles

I like to call these creations my little gardens! As well as being supercute, they are so fresh and crunchy, and I like to serve them with a rich satay sauce. 
Of course, you can use other seasonal vegetables or dipping sauces if you prefer.

Manchego Cheese Fritters
These Manchego cheese fritters will fly off the platter faster than you can say “tomato jam!”

Recipe: Gooey Manchego Cheese Fritters

Like bread puddings, this is one of many ways I like to use up leftover bread. You might think they would be heavy, but in fact they are lighter than most fritters. The bread disappears into these fluffy orbs that are deeply flavored with two intense salty cheeses. They are fantastic, but in all honesty what really makes this dish is the tomato jam, which your friends will want to eat with a spoon. It is great on anything — such as biscuits or served with bread and cheese.

marcus samuelsson's wild wild wings recipe
This recipe for the Wild Wild Wings at Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem may be the only wing recipe you’ll ever need.

Recipe: Marcus Samuelsson’s Wild Wild Wings

Deep-fried chicken wings dressed with vinegary hot sauce (Frank’s) and butter may have started the craze for Buffalo wings, but there are countless versions now. Ours uses Cholula hot sauce and a good hit of ginger, so the heat is sweet. Start the day before.

When it comes to raw tuna, you can’t beat authentic Hawaiian poke.

Recipe: Hawaiian Tuna Poke

The word “poke” comes from the Hawaiian verb meaning “to slice and cut,” which is all you need to do to the tuna to prepare it. For a taste of Hawaii when I’m on the island of Manhattan, I get the freshest tuna I can and use it as a canvas for a variety of spices and nuts.

Meny Vaknin’s smoked eggplant dip is one of those recipes you’ll never forget. Make it at home and see for yourself!

Recipe: MishMish’s Famous Smoked Eggplant Dip

The smoked eggplant dip is one of the most popular on our menu — I don’t think I can ever take it off the menu. We serve it with freshly baked homemade pita or it is used in other dishes like vegetarian sabich “tacos” with roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, tahini, feta and pita.

This cheesy, melty crab dip is lined with freshly baked garlic rolls for maximum dipping potential.

Recipe: Cajun Crab Dip With Garlic-Herb Roll Dippers

You can’t beat a fabulous dip that bakes the dippers along with it in the same skillet. I love placing this interactive dip in the center of the table, then stepping back and watching everyone dig in. There’s never a scoop left over.