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BD Wong eats chicken wings as efficiently as he analyzes the minds of particularly heinous criminals.

Let’s hit the GQ kitchen for a lesson on snack eating. Actor BD Wong eats chicken wings neatly, which makes for a positively hypnotizing video. While there are plenty of how-to guides on something that really seems to not need a how-to, Wong’s take is just plain old pleasant to watch. Even with his signature soothing voice engineered to make you trust him, however, it’s hard not to wonder: Does he know my evil little secret? Have I just severely incriminated myself? And where can I get those fake eyelashes he rocked so hard on Mr. Robot?

His wing technique is a sultry, undulating twist back and forth, which loosens the meat from the bone and allows you to pull it off with little resistance and a lot of juicy reward. Basically, it’s sexy and you should watch it while eating chicken wings, preferably with a rousing, fetish-gone-wrong episode of Law & Order SVU circa 2002. Try “Ridicule.”