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No list of luxury holiday food gifts would be complete without a big ol' leg of jamón Ibérico.

‘Tis the season of giving, but what do you do when you’re unsure of what to give? When in doubt, overspend. This year’s luxury holiday food gift ideas are simply elevated, couture versions of their everyday counterparts. It might not be a new car with a giant bow on it, but over-the-top daily indulgences are a surefire way to turn yourself into everyone’s favorite Santa Claus.

$50 to $150


Stylish Nutcracker, $90

This modern wireframe bowl-and-hammer combo from Copenhagen design studio MENU is thoroughly indulgent — nobody really needs a $90 nutcracker — but that’s the whole point. Position it proudly on a handsome bar cart or granite countertop and watch as it, and its contents, become the gathering spot at any holiday party.


Bottle Opener As Art, $95

All objects from New York based design shop OTHR are 3D-printed to order. Each product is unique to the owner and imprinted with a serial number indicating its very limited-edition run. The aesthetic is modern and minimalist, but the ICO bottle opener is a standout, a playful objet that is both functional and expressive.


Not Your Average Microplane, $105

This striking tabletop grater from Alessi turns a mundane task like grating cheese into an expressive tableside event. Its grand proportions and steel finish demand it be displayed on the tabletop and not tucked away in a tool drawer.

Truffles, $125 and up

These fancy fungi are not as difficult to source as you may think. Urbani, one of the world’s largest truffle exporters, has petite white and black truffles sourced from Umbria, Italy, at surprisingly manageable prices. For New York gourmands, they host cooking classes in their truffle-rific test kitchen and showroom in Hell’s Kitchen (because truffles deserve showrooms).

$150 to $300


Olive Oil CSA, $160

Struggling with a gift for a savvy home cook or host/ess who already has a cabinet full of gourmet olive oil? Adopt them their own olive tree, naturally. Thanks to this adopt-a-tree CSA program, it is now possible to source your very own Italian olive oil from your very own Italian olive tree. All adoptions come with a handy booklet and three liters of gourmet oil from your tree in Puglia.


Old-School Rice Cooker, $270

For the person who has everything, gift them something they likely have never heard of: a Hagama rice cooker. Nalata/Nalata is a masterful curator of modern, Japanese-inspired home goods. Their visually striking version of this traditional cooking pot features black cast iron and a refined wooden lid.

Jamón, $290

Time to upgrade that ho-hum Christmas ham. Unfortunately, smuggling whole legs of delicious charcuterie through customs is a risky — and generally frowned-upon — endeavor. Luckily, Tienda, purveyor of Spain’s most delicious exports, sells fatty, savory jamón online with expedited international shipping.


Retro Skillet, $300

A Le Creuset Dutch oven is a foolproof gift, but it can be a bit obvious. Instead, opt for a piece from the brand’s limited-edition Raymond Loewy collection. The midcentury design and sleek wooden handle will appease the design lover, and the enamel-coated cast iron will keep any avid home cook more than satisfied.