Final Fantasy XV's Food Is Ridiculously Good-Looking

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Check out this hypnotizing scroll of the fare you can use to boost your stats in recent PS4/Xbox One release Final Fantasy XV. The video game's oysters on the half-shell are plump, glossy and very much on point. They would totally increase my EXP by 10 percent. Honestly, Final Fantasy XV's food is making me very much less excited about the lunch I brought today.

"Mystery meat sushi" is pretty sophisticated fare for a game that's not about food (it's Spam musubi, FYI). And it only gets better from there. The oeuf miroir on that Croque Madame is just beautiful, and the way the braised beef jiggles slightly when it's placed on the table is sublime. And let's not downplay the Frenched bones of the rib chops or the triple truffle risotto (+$20 supplemental charge—just kidding).