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Salty Seattle Instagrams her edible pasta creations, bursting with color and flavor. (Photo: saltyseattle/Instagram.)

Remember that plate of spaghetti and meatballs you Insta’d, thinking “Could pasta possibly get any more beautiful?” Stand aside and look alive, cause when Salty Seattle Instagrams, all you can do is stare. Linda Miller Nicholson, the Emerald City’s doyenne of dough, colors her world of hand-rolled pasta shapes with vibrant purees of fresh vegetables and herbs. As if that weren’t enough, Nicholson raises chickens (among other animals) on her farm. The fresher the eggs, the more delicious the pasta.

Check out a few of her stunning designs here, and follow her on Instagram for pasta porn that doesn’t rely on sauce, cheese or truffles to pack a punch.

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“Is it weird to be on a tropical island dreaming of all the pasta I’m currently not making, missing my kitchen something fierce?”
“I hope your long weekend was as bright as the ☀️ on this raviolo & your week is just as cheerful.”