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Dogs like this don't deserve to be named Kale. (Photo: pointshoot/Flickr.)

Fido and Spot are over. According to‘s annual top dog names report, 2 percent more dog owners named their canine buds after their favorite junk foods this year, with Taffy, Twix and Milano as the front-runners in 2016.

Alcohol-related names like Brandy, Guinness and Whiskey also rose 2 percent this year. This news comes as health-related names, such as Mango, Peaches and Tofu, fell 17 percent. Don’t worry about those pups named Kale and Quinoa, though. They find their homes in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles respectively. We suggest throwing these dogs a bone the next time you come across one.

Hyper, coffee-themed dogs declined nationwide but are naturally on the rise in Seattle, where furry friends named Kona, Espresso and Mocha lap the stuff up.

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