Psychic prediction: You’re going to watch this video and recite the following: Oh my God, shut up, guy who’s too into his beer, YOU ARE RUINING MY BEER. A thing I thought could not be ruined is now less delicious and my buzz less on because you had to bring up yeast. You have dented my good time and pummeled my reason for being here. Your punishment? I banish thee from this bar. Go to the cider place down the street and think about what you’ve done. And put away that weird beer vibrator immediately.

Okay, perhaps that’s just what I recited upon watching this video from Australian indie comedy house Third Leg Studios, but I stand by every word of it. Crack open a cold one and prepare to soothe your nerves with that sweet, perfect tonic. It’s totally fine if you neither know nor care that the head of foam is…something about barley.