For those with medical conditions that cause involuntary muscle movement, the task of feeding oneself can be frustrating. Thanks to the design and engineering team at health tech firm Verily, there’s Liftware, a new smart spoon that helps tremor patients eat more normally. Using counterbalancing technology, a leveling mechanism within the handle keeps food on the spoon.

“One of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to enjoy a meal with friends and family — an activity that some may take for granted,” says Anupam Pathak, creator of Liftware and technical lead at Verily. “Our team at Liftware set out on a mission to change that by developing two unique assistive devices that would enable people experiencing a range of difficulties to eat with confidence again.”

Check it out in action below:

The company’s new product, Liftwear Level, assists those with both involuntary hand and arm tremors that make eating challenging, countering those movements with enhanced angle recognition technology to keep the spoon portion upright. Both are portable and rechargeable, with each charge lasting for a few days’ worth of meals.