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If you're hankering for the best steak tartare in NYC, New York magazine has a list for you!

New York City’s best steak tartare dishes are beasts to be reckoned with. Should you become addicted, you can never go back. Hankering for the classic French version with Dijon, capers, shallots, anchovy and egg yolk? What about the Asian spin with sesame oil and scallions, or perhaps something entirely different? Regardless, you can’t stop the craving until you eat some raw meat.

Now, New York magazine has published an authoritative list of where to find the best steak tartare in New York City. Notable plates on the list include Carbone’s “free with your $175 porterhouse” tartare from the filet portion; Estela’s version, which subs out capers for pickled elderberries; and the Dutch’s Wagyu tartare with purple potato chips. Peruse the list and find your next fix, and for some extra inspiration, check out our illustrated guide to 12 Ways the World Eats Raw Beef, below.