Coffee Pods Are Reaching A New "High" In Sustainability

Here's a new, discreet way to wake and bake. Metro reports that Brewbudz is the first company to create 100 percent compostable cannabis-infused single-brew coffee pods that fit right into your Keurig.

Marketed as medicine, the pods contain different amounts of THC and CBD depending on the illness. Brewbudz's website boasts of its patented extraction process that happens within the pod itself in order to "receive all the benefits of the terpenes, flavonoids and other components" of cannabis.

With California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada joining Oregon and Colorado in welcoming recreational use of marijuana, the pods will be available in these states by March 2017 for about $7 per pod through the website.

The company also makes weed-infused tea and hot cocoa to represent everyone's beverage of choice.