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The "Men's Radiance" chocolate shoe from Osaka, Japan's L'éclat is as timeless as it is delicious.

L’éclat, a chocolate boutique in Osaka, Japan’s Rihga Royal Hotel, is crafting exactly what you need for the special man in your life. These limited-edition, ultra-detailed shoes are made from 100 percent chocolate — laces, heel and all. Chef Okai Hajime Hiroshi is crafting nine pairs in three glossy colors, which can be purchased beginning January 20 to ship in time for Valentine’s Day. Each pair comes with a chocolate shoehorn and a jar of “shoe polish” containing edible discs of the sweet stuff.


But that’s not all! If the gift of shoes doesn’t strike your fancy, the gift of fish should hit the spot. The boutique’s hollow white chocolate sea bream, perched on puffed rice milk chocolate, is filled with truffles.

“Men’s Radiance” chocolate shoes, by special order beginning January 20.
L’éclat at the Rihga Royal Hotel, (06) 6448-3902