Illustrated Guide: How To Make A Ricotta Crostini, Plus 5 Essential Toppings
Follow the painted instructions, then add one of the suggested twists to further enhance your ricotta crostini. We do not know any (sane) person who would turn down butter, caramelized leek, radish and sea salt, strawberries and balsamic vinegar, honey, thyme and sea salt, or peach and prosciutto nestled in smooth ricotta over crunchy ciabatta. (Recipe by Laila Gohar; illustraion by Nadia Gohar, circa 2014.)
  1. Cutting boards by Two Tree Studios.

2. Morgan Spurlock.

3. Fried fish skins, as seen on The Hong Kong Cookery.

4. Sloop Brewing’s Sauer Peach Ale.

5. Mimi Thorisson.

6. Nielsen-Massey’s vanilla bean paste.

7. Q-Tip.

8. Illustrated recipes.

9. Jess Adamiak.

10. Homemade breads at NYC’s Paowalla.

11. Rosia Sanchez.

12. Maine Craft Distilling’s carrot-based gin.

13. Jo Stougaard.

14. Deuki Hong’s Sweetcatch Poke.

15. City Harvest.

16. Vin Scully.

17. Gerardo Gonzalez.

18. Retro dishes (beef Wellington, oysters Rockefeller, Jell-o molds?).

19. Gourmet toast.

20. Snapchat Spectacles > Google Glass.

21. Michelle Bernstein at Art Basel in Miami.

22. Pot pie season!