OK Go and Morton Salt teamed up to produce a savory and colorful music video for “The One Moment” off of the band’s latest album, Hungry Ghosts.

Famous for their Rube Goldberg–themed videos, OK Go takes a different approach with Morton in this high-speed, color-blasted contraption. The video, directed by lead singer Damian Kulash, features a series of colors exploding against the members of the band over the span of 4.2 seconds in real time, but the action is slowed down so you can see every white-painted orb burst into color.

The partnership is part of Morton Salt’s new branding campaign, “Walk Her Walk,” inspired by the brand’s iconic logo of a girl in a yellow dress walking in the rain with an umbrella. The campaign is also rooted in supporting causes such as ProjectArt and GirlForward via grants and promotions.

Check out the music video in full color below.