Keep It Organized: A Four-Dish Thanksgiving Timer

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Who among us hasn't helped calm the host of an important holiday dinner when they realized (insert dish here) never made it to the table? Who among us hasn't been the host who forgot the rolls and went in an hour later to retrieve whole-wheat charcoal briquettes? When your phone, microwave and egg timers combined aren't enough, there is Taylor Precision Products' sturdy, magnetic, four-event kitchen timer, a necessary object for the biggest entertaining season of the year.

Featuring a wipe-off white board to mark each of the device's four timers, plus a pen with a built-in eraser, this little gadget will give you the peace of mind you need to pour yourself a hefty glass of something delicious and join your guests. Each event's alarm makes a different sound, so mount this little buddy on the fridge or oven and let it keep track of the most important part of your big get-together.

Four-Event Kitchen Timer With Whiteboard, $11.36 on Amazon