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Jiangbing, the Chinese fast-food crepe: coming soon to a food stall near you?

Welcome to the FResh List! Every Friday morning, the dedicated staffers in FR’s New York City office compile a list of all the random things on their minds about the world of food and drink and beyond, as well as some names to know. 

1. José Andrés.

2. Marco Canora.

3. LocoL pop-ups.

4. Jennifer Steinhauer.

5. Jiangbing.

6. Aaron Silverman.

7. Wagamama.

8. Natasha Pickowicz.

9. Gravity Bar in Paris.

10. Kwang Uh.

11. D.C. under President Trump (reserve your table now at Cheesecake Factory).

12. Maine Brewing Company’s Lunch IPA.

13. Barrel-aged feta cheese.

14. Nomad Bar featuring Wylie Dufresne (for next six weeks).

15. Christine Haughney.

16. Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook.

17. Buckwheat honey.

18. Cooking with weed where (increasingly) legal. And with proper measurements.

19. Steve Hauschildt’s soothing Strands album.

20. Matcha overload (or is it Matcha Overlord?)

21. Monocle magazine’s well-timed November 2016 issue’s theme: “Canada calling: why it’s time to take a fresh look north.”

22. Stress baking.

Before your weekend begins, brush up on your sandwich-making skills: