For one of the most important planes in the sky, regular ol’ bargain brand aircraft cleaner simply won’t suffice. You may have heard stories of Air Force One’s signature shine — legend has it that it’s even possible to view your reflection on its surface clearly enough to comb your hair (or ghastly, hair-like mirage). It may surprise you to learn that the cleaning agent of choice for this lucky vehicle is also a key ingredient in, say, biscuits.

According to retired Air Force pilot Ron Wagner via Quora, Gold Medal Flour has been utilized in the daily polishing of Air Force One since at least the Carter administration. Anything coarser than white flour would scratch the jet’s aluminum skin, so literal tons of it are stored in the Special Air Missions hangar.

“You simply can’t believe the love and care that those planes get,” says Wagner.

Made-up fun fact: This practice inspired Nike’s Air Force 1 Gold Medal sneakers, official footwear of presidential air transport.