Time for a little midday math quiz! A math equation featuring beers and burgers has stumped a whole lot of able adults who seem to need a refresher in arithmetic. The writers at the Daily Express have kindly explained to the good people of the Internet how to correctly solve this puzzle. According to the site, the total is 15. We double checked their work and by our calculations and using the order of operations (PEMDAS), we indeed came up with 15.


Here’s the breakdown:

1 beer bottle = 10 (3 beer bottles =30)

1 burger = 5 (1 beer bottle + 2 burgers = 20)

1 pint of beer = 1 (1 burger + 4 pints = 9)

5 + 1 x 10 = 15

According to the order of operations, multiplication is performed before addition, so 1 times 10 equals 10. Add five to that and you get 15. Now that you’ve solved the puzzle, treat yourself to a beer and a burger.