Sandwich chain Arby’s has created the perfect formula for a hunting-season specialty. In a stark departure from the mass-processed beef typically found on fast-food menus, Arby’s will be testing a venison steak sandwich with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce on a roll. Yup, we thought it was some sort of Halloween trick-or-treat/pre-Thanksgiving joke too, but the “Good Mood Food” giant is definitely doe-ing this thing. Wait, don’t boo, we can do better: They’re not passing the buck. Last one: Deer Bambi, I’ve never tried venison before, and I’m nervous about my first time….

Moving on: 17 lucky Arby’s locations in prime deer-hunting country across the country will be selling this majestic, graceful sammie (see the full list here). If you’re wondering where exactly this sandwich filling is sourced from, worry not: Your cashier won’t be intermittently shuffling off to the woods behind the parking lot with a shotgun. All venison served in restaurants must be sourced from free-range, grass-fed, USDA-licensed deer farms. “We’re a brand that’s not afraid to take risks, and while the venison sandwich is probably the biggest stretch for us yet, it’s incredibly delicious and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of our guests,” says Rob Lynch, Arby’s chief marketing officer and brand president.

Should this venture prove successful, we expect to see the likes of Kentucky Fried Quail and wild boar Doritos Locos tacos hit drive-through menus sometime in the spring.