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Pabu in San Francisco

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Looking to explore your favorite restaurant from a new vantage point? Want to find a great restaurant and bar combination to take care of your whole night out? Pull up a bar stool and experience all the atmosphere has to offer with a delicious drink in hand. Whether you’re ordering cocktails, snacks or going all out with a full meal, the bar is a great spot to take a seat and enjoy. Here are 28 beautiful bars to explore from major cities around the U.S.

Restaurant and Bar Hit List

1. Townsman (Boston)

Photo provided by Townsman.
Photo courtesy of Townsman

Brasserie-inspired Townsman features a long, lean bar with metallic touches — a perfect fit in the chic setting of repurposed wood, leather chairs and industrial accents.

2. Saxon + Parole (New York City)

Photo provided by Saxon + Parole.
Photo courtesy of Saxon + Parole

Sip on Saxon + Parole’s house-made whiskey while posted up at the equestrian-themed American eatery’s bar, complete with warm wood accents and soft candle light.

3. Presidio (Chicago)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy of Presidio

An ode to Northern California, Presidio’s sleek space features a long, minimalist bar with recessed and studio lighting, plus plenty of exposed brick.

4. Caufield’s Bar and Dining Room (Los Angeles)

Photo provided by Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room.
Photo courtesy of Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room

Glamorously decked out in vintage decor, Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room is a critically acclaimed hot spot for Mediterranean fare, with an exquisite selection of craft cocktails, craft beer and wine.

5. Pläj (San Francisco)

Photo provided by Plaj.
Photo courtesy of Plaj

At Pläj, order up Scandinavian beers and creative cocktails in a cozy, rustic space with a beautiful wooden bar and industrial-style lighting.

6. Oficina Latina (New York City)

restaurant and bar
Photo provided by Oficina Latina

Oficina Latina spices up their bar scene with eclectic touches and a mix of colors and patterns to create a laid-back, artsy feel — perfect for enjoying a fresh mojito or margarita.

7. The Duck Inn (Chicago)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy of The Duck Inn

Bringing a vintage vibe to its bar with bright light fixtures and Art Deco–inspired details, the Duck Inn is great for enjoying cocktails, local beers or bar snacks.

8. The Chef’s Counter at South (Philadelphia)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy of the Chef’s Counter at South

Inside a luxurious Southern kitchen setting, the Chef’s Counter at South is the ideal marble, tile and leather spot to settle in with a strong whiskey and watch the live action in the kitchen.

9. Bar Bolonat (New York City)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy Bar Bolonat

Pull up an inventive, geometric chair at Israeli-Middle Eastern eatery Bar Bolonat’s bar, which offers a welcoming atmosphere and a full (and delicious) menu.

10. Wallflower (Los Angeles)

restaurant and bar
Photo: Art Gray

Warehouse windows and high ceilings surround the dimly lit bar area of wallflower, offering a chic, industrial vibe perfect for sipping on creative, Southeast Asian–inspired cocktails.

11. Sportello (Boston)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy of Sportello

A modern, Italian-inspired interpretation of a classic American diner, Sportello creates a fun and unique environment with two sleek, U-shaped counters that surround an open kitchen.

12. Il Buco (New York City)

restaurant and bar
Photo: Bill Milne

Take a seat at Il Buco’s elegant, L-shaped bar for a glass of wine and assorted cheeses. The Mediterranean-Italian eatery — inspired by a Tuscan farmhouse — provides an intimate vibe to relax in with friends or family.

13. Celeste (Chicago)

restaurant and bar
Photo courtesy of Celeste

A classic cocktail lounge and supper club easily fit for a fun night out, American restaurant Celeste features a long, silver-hued bar lined with tall, comfortable chairs.

14. Mourad (San Francisco)

Photo: Dale K.M.

Located inside a newly renovated Art Deco tower, Moroccan Mourad is home to a long, L-shaped marble bar with floating shelves, backlit by gorgeous oversize windows.

15. Osteria Morini (New York City)

NYC - Osteria Morini
Photo courtesy of Osteria Morini

The wide, white marble bar at Italian eatery Osteria Morini creates a beautiful setting for exploring the extensive wine list and delicious pastas.

16. The Gander (New York City)

NYC - The Gander
Photo courtesy of the Gander

The Gander’s glossy, marble bar, lined with comfortable green stools and lit by rose-colored lamps, is a great spot to take in the warm atmosphere while enjoying a drink.

17. Lula Cafe (Chicago)

Chicago - Lula Cafe
Photo courtesy of Lula Cafe

The glossy, marble-topped bar at American eatery Lula Cafe feels modern yet rustic, complete with an approachable chalkboard menu of draft beers and an extra-wide mirror.

18. Pabu (San Francisco)

SF - Pabu
Photo courtesy of Pabu

Combining rustic, old-world Japanese charm with urban sophistication, Pabu is home to a chic black bar surrounded by modern couches and giant windows.

19. Salero (Chicago)

Chicago - Salero - Spanish - Interior - Bar
Photo courtesy of Salero

The stylish, softly lit bar at Spanish restaurant Salero offers a wide array of creative cocktails, making it easy to sink into the industrial, rustic-chic vibe.

20. Kapnos Taverna (Washington, D.C.)

DC - Kapnos Taverna
Photo: Greg Powers

Beautifully decorated with dark hues, Kapnos Taverna’s long bar has an elegant and exotic vibe, perfect for ordering up a signature cocktail infused with Mediterranean spices or something from the Greek-focused wine list.

21. Hinoki & the Bird (Los Angeles)

LA - Hinoki & the Bird
Photo courtesy of Hinoki & the Bird

Adorned with gold accents, Hinoki & the Bird’s chic space and minimal bar setup provides a stylish spot to snag a handcrafted cocktail.

22. Almond (New York City)

NYC - Almond Tribeca
Photo courtesy of Almond

Serving seasonal French comfort food, bistro-style Almond displays its stunning L-shaped bar against a wall of lovely white tiles with chic, industrial-style lamps overhead.

23. Wildcraft (Los Angeles)

LA - Wildcraft
Photo courtesy of Wildcraft

Settle into a comfortable, dark leather seat along the chic black bar at Italian eatery Wildcraft and dive into the food or a bottle of wine from a high shelf above.

24. STK Downtown (New York City)

NYC - STK Downtown
Photo courtesy of STK

STK’s bar, with its artistic display of horns and sleek high seats, makes for an intriguing spot to dive into the extensive wine list and array of cocktails.

25. Little Sister (Los Angeles)

LA - Little Sister
Photo courtesy of Little Sister

Experience the unique blend of cultures at British, Dutch and South Asian–inspired Little Sister, where the long wooden bar with wood-and-steel stools offers a great place to sip a drink.

26. Jardiniere (San Francisco)

SF - Jardiniere
Photo courtesy of Jardiniere

Jardiniere’s grand, circular bar area is perfect for unwinding with a handcrafted cocktail and a couple of small bites.

27. Travelle Kitchen + Bar (Chicago)

Chicago - Travelle
Photo courtesy of Travelle Kitchen + Bar

Located in the Langham Hotel, Travelle Kitchen + Bar offers a sophisticated setting for sipping craft cocktails, regional beers and wines while taking in the stunning river views.

28. The Dawson (Chicago)

Chicago - The Dawson
Photo courtesy of the Dawson

With modern lighting and a graphic, textile floor, the Dawson’s stylish bar is an ideal spot for taking in handcrafted cocktails, international wines and beers.

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