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(Photo: Harpoon Brewery/Facebook.)

Boston-based Harpoon Brewery and JetBlue Airlines are working to create a beer together that will be available on all JetBlue flights, according to Boston Business Journal.

The employee-owned beer company is testing recipes for a piña colada Hefeweizen, a huckleberry beer, a session IPA, a golden ale and other low-ABV styles in its search for a specialty brew, Boston Business Journal reports. A lighter beer is ideal for air travel, probably because it’s not advisable to drink a dark, heavy imperial stout that’ll leave you feeling bloated and simply unwell while strapped to a metal contraption 40,000 feet in the air.

Boston Business Journal reports that the partnership is already two years old, with the brewery’s UFO White, part of its unfiltered brew series, having been available on flights. This is a big deal for Harpoon, which currently does not ship products west of Texas. Through this partnership, Harpoon’s brew will be available to those flying to the West Coast and the Dominican Republic.

The beer will only be available in flight.