World's Most Expensive Potato Chips Cost $11 Each

One Swedish craft brewery has proven itself to be quite the jokester of a gourmand. As a perfect pairing for its masterful, world-class IPA, Arlandastad-based St. Erik's Brewery teamed up with chef Pi Le from the Swedish National Culinary Team to produce a meticulously handcrafted potato chip seasoned liberally with hard-to-source Nordic ingredients. At 499 kronor (about $56) for a small handful, these snacks are fit for royalty.

The limited-edition boxes of five chips each sold out quickly, but chances are you'll get another opportunity to try the world's most expensive bar snack. The chips begin as heirloom "almond" potatoes from Ammarnäs in northern Sweden and are shaped by hand and carefully fried to maintain their shape. They're dusted with powdered matsutake mushrooms, seaweed with truffle notes, handpicked Swedish crown dill, meticulously cultivated Leksand onions and a bit of the dehydrated wort from the IPA that inspired the chips.

As far as adventurous eating goes, it's a true snack your wallet. Worry not, however: All proceeds go to charity.