coffee butter
This surprisingly simple infusion can top any number of savory or sweet dishes.

Remember when putting butter in your coffee was a thing? This is not that. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: It’s putting coffee in your butter! And mmm, boy, is it delicious.

The recipe, according to our friends at ChefSteps, is unbelievably simple. Pack butter and whole coffee beans together in a sous vide bag (or a pot with a lid), cook at 194°F for three to four hours — feel free to shorten the time some if you prefer a milder flavor — then strain and cool. It works because the oil in the butter readily absorbs fat-soluble aromatics and coffee oils from the beans, but it picks up none of the bitter-tasting compounds. The result is a robust infusion that has all the creamy goodness of butter and a warm, toasting coffee flavor — the best of both worlds. Stick it on a steak, slather it over an English muffin or bake it into banana bread or cookies. Heck, you could even try it in your coffee! Take a look below.

1 cup coffee beans, whole
4½ sticks butter, salted


  1. Preheat Joule to 194°F.
  2. Pack the beans and the butter together in a large, heavy-duty sous vide bag.
  3. Cook sous vide at 194°F for three hours. You can make it on the stove instead: Simply combine the whole beans and the butter in a small pot, and then cover and heat on low for about three or four hours. The longer you cook it, the stronger the coffee flavor will be.
  4. Strain the beans from the infused butter with a sieve, strainer or slotted spoon. Agitate the beans to extract as much of the infused butter as possible, then discard the beans. Package the coffee butter in a sealed plastic bag or vacuum-sealed bag and keep refrigerated until needed.

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