NYC Culinary Exhibit Shows The Simple Perfection Of Korean Food

Korean food has taken over the nation. Kimchi has become a household word along with bulgogibibimbap and soju. In celebration of the East Asian cuisine, New York's Korean Cultural Center will be hosting an exhibition titled "맛 [MA:T] As It Is."

Appropriately named mat (맛), which means taste or flavor, the exhibition looks at Korean cuisine in its simplest, pure form, broken up into four main categories: steamed rice, kimchi, alcohol and delivery. It will touch on the essentials of cooking and serving Korean food, from oversize meat-cutting scissors to wooden cooking utensils. Paintings, cooking classes and other art installations will also be available for viewing.

"[Ma:T] As It Is" is open to the public from October 5-27 at the Korean Cultural Center in New York City. For a feel of what the exhibition will showcase, check out the video below.