And So It's Come To This: The Patented Hamdog

Sometimes a photo speaks a thousand words. Long story short: There was a dude from Australia visiting America. He was hungry, and he wanted both a hot dog and a cheeseburger. His wife apparently felt that eating two separate things separately was something only idiots do, and so we now have the genius creation you see above.

What is a HamDog? It's a burger where the bun has a little nipple on either side, so that you can slice your burger patty in half and place the hot dog in the middle. This is an actual patent drawing:

And the photo up top is what it looks like in practice.

My question is: Why not just slice your hot dog in half lengthwise and put it on a regular burger? I would genuinely like to know if there are any drawbacks to that versus this monster. I'm already slicing one of my meat products in half either way, so why bother with a special bun that still needs to be handmade because the dude can't figure out how to automate the process?

And honestly, if you're going to try to do a new thing combining hot dogs and hamburgers, at least do something creative.