This Orchestra Plays With Instruments From The Farmers' Market

What do carrots and clarinets have in common? Other than sharing a first letter and a tubular shape, carrots and clarinets are both musical instruments. The former may need some drilling into, but they'll make beautiful music just the same.

The Vegetable Orchestra in Vienna, Austria, has put on musical performances played on an assortment of vegetables for 18 years. Concerts are preceded by a shopping trip at the local market, where pumpkins, eggplants, carrots, rutabagas and more are examined for ultimate symphonic potential. Once the produce is selected, the musicians work their magic, cutting, drilling into, and shaping them until showtime. Unused material is used for a traditional vegetable soup.

You may have just shelled out for a new oboe, but why not head to the market for a new wind instrument anyway?