Nothing beats a warm, flaky, buttery biscuit. Strike that. Nothing beats a freshly fried, perfectly glazed doughnut. But why can’t we have both? New York City’s Root & Bone, known for their superb chicken and waffles, recently posted on Instagram that they’ve punched holes in their biscuits, fried them, coated them in sugar and have deemed it the Bonut.

The post calls out the hoity-toity croissant-doughnut mashup that is the Cronut, stating that the Bonut “doesn’t think it’s better than you.” Please raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the Cronut.

Will the Bonut become the next Cronut? Will lines wrap around the East Village location of Root & Bone? Will we all grow to hone our disdain for the pastry while secretly, almost shamefully loving it? Only time will tell.