Call it the Domino’s of the future. Zume Pizza in Mountain View, California, employs robots in addition to human pizzaiolos to create a more efficient pie-delivery system.

In this Tech Crunch video, company founder Julia Collins shows off her high-tech assembly line–style kitchen: There’s a robot designed to dispense the perfect amount of sauce, another robot programmed to spread that sauce evenly, and yet another robot that picks up the finished pies and sticks them in the oven. In between, there are real-life cooks to do the stuff that machines have not mastered (not yet, anyway). According to Collins, the partly automated process eliminates errors, reduces pizza-making time and frees up money (otherwise spent on labor) to invest in higher-quality ingredients.

It’s the sort of the industry disruption that you’d expect from a pizza parlor located in the forward-thinking tech hub of Silicon Valley.

What’s more: Collins says the company has already patented a new technologically advanced delivery vehicle outfitted with onboard ovens so your pies can be cooked en route to your home.

Watch the full video here and brace yourself for this brave new cheese-loaded world to come.