How To Make Your Own Steak Knives

Did you know you can take old butter knives and turn them into sharp and sexy steak knives? It's true! Imagine taking a quick trip to the local thrift store to pick up some cool-looking old knives, then transforming those dusty dullards into a beautiful set of blades that cut clean through all manner of meats.

To perform this incredible trick, you'll need a set of Japanese waterstones. If you've got a grinder, that's a great help, too. Our friends at ChefSteps are here to assure us that home grinders are widely available at hardware stores, pawn shops, auctions and big-box everything stores and shouldn't cost you much or take up a ton of room. Whatever tools you choose, you'll learn a cool new skill that comes in amazingly handy every time you need a wedding or holiday gift. Line your knives up in a lovely antique cigar box and wrap it with string, and you're destined to delight just about anyone on your list. Check out the simple instructional video below and get to it!

What you'll need:

Antique butter knives

Sharpening stones

Grinder (optional)

Silver polish

Elbow grease

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