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Have a little texture with your ketchup (and spare your burger buns at the same time). (Photo: Plan Check Kitchen & Bar.)

There’s a new condiment in town that will have your burger cheering audibly. (Note: If your burger actually cheers, you must call it a cheersburger and tell everyone.) It’s called Ketchup Leather, it is trademarked, and while it may look like the fruit-based cellophane rolls of your childhood, it’s a decidedly grown-up concept.

Chef Ernesto Uchimura of Plan Check Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles has a simple but effective technique for desiccating the restaurant’s house-made ketchup, turning what was once thick and fluid into a thin, flexible sheet that’s cut into squares for their signature burger, the PCB. Slow-drying the ketchup both concentrates its flavors and takes away the potential for it to sink into absorbent burger buns, thus avoiding the dreaded “bun collapse.” Watch LA-ist cover the magic substance in action below: