Burger King today announced the nationwide rollout of its latest fast-food invention. It’s called the Whopperito, and it’s exactly what you think it is — a burger-burrito mashup that follows in the fantastical-sounding footsteps of many other contemporary food fusions, like the Cronut, the Ramen Burger and the Sushiritto, to name a few.

Business Insider reports that the Tex-Mex-inspired creation is Burger King’s second attempt at foodstuff splicing, following the earlier debut of the fast-food chain’s snack-chip-flavored deep-fried macaroni dish called Mac ‘n’ Cheetos. While both of these so-called innovations have proven effective as headline-grabbing gimmicks, they fall far short of the high bar of absurdity in the global food-mashup game.

The gang at Toptenz.net just posted a new video that discusses many of the world’s most outrageous examples in recent years — everything from bacon toothpaste to chocolate-covered squid. Check out the entire eyebrow-raising video below: