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Happy Ice Cream Week from the frozen-dessert fiends at Food Republic!

Think of all the times ice cream has been there for you: The hottest times of the year, birthdays, epic TV binge-watches and all the occasions on which you convinced yourself your sprinkles would go bad if you didn’t finish them. “Let’s get ice cream” is a guaranteed good date (and/or apology supplement), kid-pleaser and overall perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth, so we’re celebrating it all week long on Food Republic.

Will there be milkshakes, sweet things on sticks and any number of desserts à la mode? There will be. What about nondairy ice cream? Of course — we don’t want to leave anybody out of the party (and never has there been more options). How about the latest kitchen gear to make your ice cream experience as smooth and sweet as possible? We’ve got that, plus some inspiration for making your ice cream experience as smooth and savory as possible, too.

Join us for the histories and interviews, the whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and a comprehensive guide to every cone you’ll ever crunch into. Oh, and should you succumb to cravings at any point, tag us on Instagram at @foodrepublic — hashtag: #FRavorites — and share the love.