It’s late July and you’re surrounded by a metric butt-ton of vibrant produce. Everything is so fresh, bright and crispy — you stock your grocery cart with waxy peppers, plump blackberries and crunchy cobs of just-picked corn.

Oh, but now cut to a dark mid-January evening. Dinnertime nears, but why bother, what with that sleeve of Chips Ahoy you just hoovered? As icy rain pelts your window, you start to sink into a full carb- and cable-fueled funk when you remember it: your collection of quart-sized canning jars full of crunchy, colorful, cheer-inducing pickles! You race to the kitchen and lo, it’s all there: elegant white asparagus, cute cocktail onions and cherries and peaches galore.

That’s right. Squirrel away that fresh produce in the summer, and you’ll be thanking yourself all year long! There’s no need to invest in any special canning equipment — use this simple, low-temp sous vide technique to pickle any fruit or veggies in just a couple hours. Prepared this way, the pickles will stay crisp, bright and delicious for months, preserving your mood all year long! Check out the quick instructional video below, and get ready for the sunniest winter of your pickle-loving life.

Veggies and fruits
A brine recipe
Quart-sized canning jars with lids
Sous vide setup

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