Talk about summer love! We found out today that couples who drink together are most likely to fulfill your #relationshipgoals. And if you’re a couple who’d like to get down and very dirty after a cup of coffee, Portland, Oregon, could be your next vacation destination.

Cheers to sweet romance

Good news for couples who drink together! You’re most likely to stay together longer than couples whose drinking habits don’t match up, Fast Co. Exist reports. A study published in the Journal of Gerontology surveyed almost 3,000 couples over 10 years and found that regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed, as long as both parties of the relationship drank about the same amount, they were more likely to end up happily ever after.

These plates are just right

Trend alert: Small plates may be on their way out, according to the Washington Post. What’s replacing them? Medium plates, or “a dish between appetizer and entrée.” The Post reports that the middle child of plate size has popped up in many D.C. restaurants, with chefs citing price as a motivation. Medium-sized dishes are usually priced between $11 and $17. Rob Rubba of Hazel told the Post that the medium-sized plates allow people to share more dishes than large plates.

Safety word: Coffee

What do you look for in a coffee shop other than coffee? Ample seating, strong Wi-Fi connection, unpretentious baristas. How about sex positivity and kink? Mic reports that MoonFyre Café in Portland, Oregon, is the first “S&M-club-cum-coffee shop.” MoonFyre is split into three sections: café, educational space and sex dungeon. Coffee shop patrons and dungeon goers (the dungeon will cost you $5 to cover condoms, lubricants and such) must be at least 18 years old to enter.