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Here's one way to celebrate your love for Top Ramen.

Often associated with broke college students, instant ramen noodles have fueled people worldwide since their invention. Unsurprisingly, there are odes to the noodles, including one from Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett.

Today brings us the latest in ramen-themed melodies: “Top Ramen” by ¥ung ¢hef featuring Doughboi.

¥ung ¢hef and Doughboi rap about their love for the combination of instant ramen and Sriracha. Doughboi takes it to the next level, donning a Top Ramen sweatshirt and pants combo (which you can buy here), rapping about his distaste for dehydrated peas and corn. Deep, deep apologies to instant ramen inventor Momofuku Ando.

Through a not-so-strenuous Google search, we found that another rapper by the same name exists, but perhaps the ramen lover’s name is really pronounced “Yen-Ung Cent-hef.” Check out the party below: