Photo: Rowyn Adriano/Flickr

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is about making the right choice. No, we don’t mean Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. We’re talking about a more eternal question, one that America has been wrangling with for decades. That’s right — Pat’s vs. Geno’s.

With Philadelphia hosting the Democratic National Convention this week, politicians and media types alike are making their loyalties known.

Prior to her big speech at the DNC on Monday, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren renewed the longstanding debate over which Philly institution makes cheesiest, most unctuous meat on a roll with a visit to Pat’s Steaks.

In an interview with Philadelphia magazine, owner Frank Olivieri Jr. suggested that Warren’s choice is just a natural extension of her progressive politics. “Winners don’t go across the street,” Olivieri told the mag, referring to rival cheesesteak shop Geno’s. “Only Republicans.” (To be sure, Olivieri was talking about a competitor with openly Trumpian signage.)

While Olivieri tried to portray American cheesesteak policy as a purely black-and-white issue, Food Republic would like to remind its readers that there is a third-party alternative out there. It’s called Jim’s, and it’s delicious.

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