LevitatingCUP: Harness Electromagnetism, Get Your Drink On

Okay, it's not exactly magic, but harnessing electromagnetic suspension to freeze your drink in midair is still a pretty nifty trick. LevitatingCUP, a new Kickstarter project from the creator of the Oak Bottle (which lets you barrel-age booze at home), utilizes the principles of quantum locking to keep your drinkware afloat. In the right conditions, repelling magnetic forces can be stabilized or ("locked") to provide a perfectly consistent push and pull, allowing your glass to remain upright and steady instead of wobbling around and sloshing liquor all over. Leave the science to LevitatingCUP, and the drinking to you.

With a rechargeable base, your hover-cocktail can go anywhere you go. Add a little extra ceremony to pouring your prized bottle of scotch or a little flourish to a tequila body shot — whatever your fancy, it's fancier suspended an inch above the nearest flat surface. The vessels comes in several designs, from rocks glass to coffee cup, so whichever drink of the day needs a little pick-me-up is sure to get one.