Here's How To Cook Bacon In Your Sleep. Literally.

Bacon. It's good, right? So good. But here's the thing: Bacon can be better. Like much, much better. And get this — you can cook it in your sleep. Yes, literally. Hear out our friends at ChefSteps for just a minute and get to sleeping, er, cooking, this weekend!

Here is all you need to do: Grab a vacuum-sealed pack of bacon — any bacon — and cook it sous vide at 147°F overnight. Wake up in the morning, sear it on one side and that's it! You wind up with bacon that has all the crispy on one side, all the tender on the other. To recap: Bacon is good, but this bacon is better. So pop it in the water, cue the Barry White and get ready to fall hard. Because the world's best bacon cooks alllllll night long. Check out the instructional video below.


Sous vide setup



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