Order Your All-Encompassing Almanac Of Booze (Now With More Alcohol)

From the good folks at Pop Chart Lab who brought you a wheel of all the cheeses and a comprehensive guide to beer comes the most comprehensive alcohol map ever created. Behold: the taxonomy of booze both fermented and distilled, painstakingly organized by base ingredient or region of origin. Are sake and soju related? Quick, name all the fortified wines! Wait, you can make booze out of mare milk? What the hell is pomace brandy? Just think of all the conversation starters!

But wait, it gets even better: The bottom half of the chart details the production processes of these beloved tipples so you can learn the story behind the bottle and use that knowledge as you see fit. As far as almanacs go, ditch the dusty tomes and pop one of these beauties up near your bar.

Pop Chart Lab's All-Encompassing Almanac of Alcohol, $29 (available for preorder)