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Another perk of America’s newly softened tone toward Cuba, its onetime enemy: It’s totally cool to drink Cuban coffee again!

Switzerland-based Nespresso has announced it will be the first company to provide Cuban-grown coffee for the U.S. market in more than 50 years, beginning this fall. USA Today reports that the move follows new U.S. regulations published this spring that removed coffee from the list of prohibited Cuban imports — part of the Obama administration’s ongoing efforts to normalize relations with the communist island nation after decades of political and economic animosity.

Nespresso will begin selling the once-verboten coffee as a limited-edition product called Cafecito de Cuba. According to USA Today, the beans will be bought through European importers, then roasted and packaged in pods for use with the company’s brewing machines.

Whether other coffee companies follow Nespresso’s lead remains to be seen. Reuters reached out to rival Starbucks, which stated it has “no plans to import coffee from Cuba at this time.”