Dining out is like a sport these days. What’s the toughest reservation, who’s the hot new chef, what’s in season — you practically need a scorecard to play along. But the backbone of every restaurant is its cooks, and while you’re in the buzzy dining room of the coolest spots, there’s a team sweating through the night, prepping every order thrown its way.

In the new series “Back of House,” brought to you by Budweiser, Richard Blais travels to some of the most respected restaurants in the country to talk shop with other well-known chefs, but also to give props to the men and women doing the cooking night after night. In episode one, Blais heads to Nashville and sits down with Sean Brock at Husk. Blais also chats with Brock’s crew, getting to know more about the guys working the line and what drives them to cook — one chef shares a story about dropping out of art school and ending up in the kitchen, while another reminisces about how his mother’s work cooking for a church group inspires him.

The tables turn when Blais gets behind the burners himself to cook up some shrimp and crab burgers, putting a Southern spin on a classic, down-to-earth meal, made specially for the hardworking Husk team. As Brock sums it up in his own inimitable way, “Drinkin’ beers and grindin’ gears.” Have a look at the video.