How To Buy Fresh Scallops Like You Know What You're Doing

It's easy to whip up tender scallops in a matter of minutes. Pair 'em with a glass of white wine and you've got the perfect start to a summer evening. First, however, you've got to make sure you score the very best bivalves on offer at your local fishmonger. Just remember these four terms: firm, dry, U/10, saltwater smell.

So what exactly do these terms mean? You'll want to look for firm and dry scallops, with a texture almost like pork chops, for one. Avoid shiny, wet and/or soft ones, just like when buying any other fish. Secondly, you should be buying fewer than ten scallops per pound ("U/10" is a kicky way of saying "under 10") — each should weigh around 1½ or 1¾ ounces. Finally, you don't want to buy scallops that smell like, well, scallops. A saltwater and/or seaweed smell indicates that they were recently caught, so keep your nose peeled for these.

Check out the brief instructional video below — courtesy of our friends at ChefSteps — and get to searing up an impressive meal tonight!

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