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The end is nigh for these cans. (Photo: xiaming/Flickr.)

Cheese can come in many forms: wheels, blocks, sticks, strings, slices, liquefied and, most grossly, canned.

Dubbed “spray cheese,” “aerosol cheese” and even “squirt-on cheese,” Easy Cheese made it, well, easy for Americans to eat cheese on anything. Paste magazine takes a look at this now 50-year-old product, which was heavily advertised back in the 1960s as the perfect accompaniment for things like crackers and fruit. Those days are long gone, the magazine notes, as today’s consumers are not eating spray cheese as much as experimenting with it. YouTuber Andrew Maxwell-Parish, for instance, thought it’d be worth his time to try 3-D printing a tower made of Easy Cheese. Check out his video below to see the tower in all its fake cheesy glory and imagine what other modern applications there could be for this ancient relic of mid-20th-century snacking.